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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 9: The Mgnahduyt Palace

Updated: Jun 9

When their talk finished and when they got ready to leave. It happened so soon that Govind was also surprised by their speed.

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Ebqui: Wait! You did not look like other people. You have to wear something else otherwise all people will ask about you.

“What do you have for me?” He asked while wondering.

Bufliana: Wait, let me check.

She started seeing inside her thoughts, and after a few moments, she spoke.

Bufliana: One dress is in the father’s room, which he wore two billion years ago, which will be suitable for you.

“What! I am not going to wear a two billion years old dress,” he said furiously.

Ebqui: It is customary here; people do not wear a dress when it gets older than 600 billion years.

Govind looked at her with astonished eyes; she looked beautiful in her new orange color dress. Which was shining like other dresses of Sonpharico.

“OK, I will try it because you are saying,” he said with a grin.

Bufliana went to bring that dress; now, there was no one in the room except Govind and Ebqui. A logical silence between them. They were still standing near the river of the Uikloerty room. Govind made a sound to clear his throat.

“You look gorgeous,” he said sweetly.

Ebqui: Thank you, Govind.

“Here, the dresses are very different from Earth,” he said amazingly. “If I talk about your dress, it is made from a liquid that covers your body perfectly.”

“It is too long from the hand and leg side but still visibly flying beautifully in the atmosphere,” he said. “And its decoration is so beautiful that I cannot tell in words and different color water drops and fire drops made it very beautiful.”

Ebqui: Thank you – thank you, but we do not say it dress, we say it, Fino.

“What! Fino,” he asked surprisingly.

Ebqui: Hmm, it is my favorite Fino; it gives my body a different feeling. Which I cannot amaze without Fino.

“Can I touch your dress?” He asked softly.

Ebqui smiled and nodded her head. As a response Govind was trying to touch her dress; then only Bufliana arrived there.

Bufliana: Wear your dress immediately; we are getting late.

She gave him a long thin box.

“Dress in this mysterious box,” he asked surprisingly.

Bufliana: Yes, in this mysterious box: now open it and wear it.

He opened that mysterious thin box which was filled with invisible liquid color.

“What is it?” He asked furiously and closed the mysterious box immediately.

Ebqui: Your dress, open the tin box and put your hand inside the liquid; Fino will cover up your complete body and it will remove your previous dress.

“OK, I want to go to another room,” he said.

Bufliana: Why?

“I want to change my clothes,” he replied with a sour face.

Bufliana: No time-wasting activity you have to change your clothes here.

“You cannot force me, and I will not change my clothes in front of you,” he replied furiously.

She came close to Govind and took that mysterious box from his hand.

Ebqui: Please put your hand inside the box.

“Ebqui,” he said.

He stopped his lips and gave his hand to her. She put his hand inside the box, and a little wave appeared in the mysterious box. Moreover, his dress changed utterly.

“Where is my old dress?” He asked surprisingly.

Bufliana: Here on the bed.

She pointed her finger toward one of the floating beds, and Govind looked very handsome after wearing Fino.

Bufliana: Now, you look like a beautiful couple, as our mother and father look alike when they stand with each other.

Ebqui: How are you feeling now?

“I am feeling nothing special, just a little warmer now,” he replied softly. “And we do not change our dress like this on Earth.”

Bufliana: Then how do you change your dress there?

“I cannot share with you; leave it,” he replied with a grin. “You have magical clothes here.”

Bufliana: No, these are not magical Fino; the definition of magic is different here.

“Tell me – tell me; I want to know about the magic of Sonpharico,” he asked curiously.

Bufliana (Grin): Leave it; I cannot share it with you.

Ebqui laughed loudly, and beautiful sparkles came out of her mouth which were flying into the environment.

“Ebqui, Why are you laughing?” He asked with little anger. “I am not interested to know about it anymore.”

He made a sour face.

Ebqui: She teased you back.

Bufliana: I think it would be better to move from here.

“Ghatang - Ghatang.” Bufliana went outside the room and started calling his brother. However, Ghatang always enjoyed walking through the river path. Well, Ghatang came to Bufliana, and he held her hand. Ebqui and Govind also moved together behind them.

The sky was still colorful with different golden shade rays and soon they were outside the Piyrgadonfst palace where two soldiers were talking to each other. Ghatang’s eyes went to Govind’s shoes who was still wearing his sports shoes. He told Bufliana about shoes: she turned and sighted on Govind’s shoes.

Bufliana: You have to change your shoes also.

“Why? I am feeling fine in my shoes,” he said surprisingly.

Bufliana: Hence, they are not looking suitable here.

Ebqui: Let it be.

Bufliana (Angrily): OK, if something happens, you will be responsible for it.

Govind moved his lip inside, made a face towards Bufliana. And they started walking where some people were wandering on the ground in different Fino.

“Where are we going?” He asked, wondering.

Bufliana: We do not tell the places where we go.

“OK, then it will be a haunted place,” he replied joyfully.

Bufliana (Surprisingly): Haunted place! What does it mean?

He laughed loudly at Bufliana.

“You do not know anything about the haunted place, a place where the ghost lives,” he replied in a frightened voice. “Where no one goes because no one knows where it is, like the middle far in Sonpharico.”

Ebqui: You have no idea what you have done, Govind.

She said in a very worried voice.

A tremendous warm voice raised all over Sonpharico.

Who talked about the middle far?

“I guess: I said something wrong,” he said with a stuck throat.

Bufliana (Scream): I always said not to talk about it.

“How do they know: I said that place’s name,” he asked fearfully.

Ebqui (Whisper in ears): Whenever we speak every word creates a ray, and that word ray is banned in Sonpharico.

“Now, what will happen?” He asked quickly. “Can you please tell me?”

Bufliana (Apprehensively): They will take you to Mother of Sonpharico.

Govind grinned as he heard that it would be a chance to meet the Mother of Sonpharico. Meanwhile, Ebqui held his hand with worried eyes.

Ebqui (Almost crying): What happened? Why are you smiling? You will never return if they take you.

“I want to meet her,” he replied happily.

Ebqui (Forcefully): I cannot allow you to go.

This time one sweet voice arrived.

No need to cry, and never talk about the middle far.

“Who cried?” He asked surprisingly. “I do not cry.”

Bufliana (Proudly): Ebqui cried for you, and they forgave you.

“Oh no! I want to meet her,” he said while banging his hand on his head.

Ebqui (Happily): You can meet her by visiting her palace.

He looked at her with skeptical.

“You said I would never return if I went to meet her,” he asked hesitantly. “Then how can you hope I will return to you by visiting her palace?”

Ebqui (Sweetly): Oh! My dear, you will go there with me.

He moved his lips a bit and said hmm. Meanwhile, Ghatang met his friend, who was going toward his home. Soon they were very far away from Piyrgadonfst palace; all palaces around them were the same in height but made differently.

“Where is Mother of Sonpharico palace?” He asked excitedly.

Ebqui (Hopefully): Soon, we will go there.

“That haunted place in Sonpharico,” he said while making a terrible face.

Ebqui: No, people go to meet her.

“What about that place?” He asked furiously. “Which people do not know?”

Ebqui (Angrily): Do not take the name of that place from your tongue again.

“OK, I will remember,” he replied softly.

Ebqui: Now walk fast; we are getting late.

Now they were walking very fast and it was almost flying speed. Govind saw a name board on a palace, where the middle far was written on brown wooden color.

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