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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 7: The Unknown Ride

Updated: Jun 2

It covered Govind’s body with a silver pellucid shield. He did not notice that because it did not give him any feel. Mickpak was shining on very high golden illumination. The telescope was shining more in these lights.

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Mickpak: Are you ready?

“Yes, but take me at slow speed as an airplane goes in the sky,” he replied excitedly.

Mickpak: I asked your soul, not you, and you want airplane speed in space. You know it will be like an ant walking on a national highway.

Soul: Yes, I am ready, now, do not fight.

“I want to see space with my eyes,” he roared.

Soul: You will see; stay silent.

Mickpak and soul lighted the complete jungle and environment. The hidden waves started working, and now Govind could see hidden waves. A blue burning fog started moving like a storm below his feet. He was looking at all these things, but suddenly he was in space. It was a big question for him when they flew towards the sky and how he was in the space area.

Govind blinked his eyes to confirm, but now he was in space. He was still thinking and trying to remember how and when he flew toward the space area.

Soul: Where you will like to go first, Mickpak?

Mickpak: Sonpharico.

He looked at Govind, who was in a shocking situation.

Mickpak: Are you OK, Mr. Govind?

Soul: What happens to him?

Mickpak: I think he is shocked by our speed; he might be thinking about how we reached here so quickly.

Soul: Let his mind think about it. Well, you were talking to Govind about when Ikloung was declared absconding of Sonpharico. Then Mother of Sonpharico created a burning shield around Sonpharico, how we will go through it.

Mickpak: I do not have any idea: No clue how we will go through it.

Govind was shocked and thinking about the past but slightly listened to them. He tried to speak in front of the Sun for the first time in space, where they were standing.

“We will go at full speed,” he said politely.

Mickpak: Oh! You are listening to us.

Govind moved his head up and down. Now he moved his left leg up and tried to hit in space as he had done on Earth in childhood. This act made his body and soul unstable. Immediately Mickpak held Govind’s hand, who had been looking at him for the past few seconds.

Mickpak: Your kid’s play is not allowed here.

“Sorry, I wanted to see if it is similar to Earth or something else,” he replied with a grin.

Mickpak: It is not something else; you are in space. Please do not do these things here; if you want to know something, then first ask me.

“OK,” he said.

Mickpak: You are telling me an idea of a viral movie, but it will not work here because Mother of Sonpharico created it.

“Then how do we go inside this shield?” He asked worriedly.

Mickpak: I also do not know.

Soul: Should we find Ikloung?

Mickpak: I do not know where he is now; finding him will be a big waste of time.

“I have a question, what is outside this universe?” He said. “What is the whole shape of the universe? It could be possible that this universe is also a planet and has an end because science says everything has its edge end.”

Mickpak: Your soul was saying right about the human brain. They think so much that it cannot be measurable and stoppable.

“I was asking only,” he said with a grin.

Mickpak: You are not asking: you are trying to go farther away from your planet, scientists thoughts. I never think about it, and here we are talking about entering the burning shield, and you are asking what the end of the universe is and all that rubbish.

“He made him ashamed; Govind bent his head and started looking towards his feet, where he saw a huge thing going into space.

“Hey, look – look, something is going on in the space,” he roared.

Mickpak: Where?

“It is under our feet,” he replied rapidly.

He also started looking toward his feet; a big thing was traveling in space at slow speed.

Mickpak: Let us see what is going on there.

Soul and Mickpak flew towards that vast thing; soon, they were near that huge thing.

Soul: What is this?

Mickpak: I also do not know. What is this?

“Try to talk with them,” he suggested.

He only said this line and that 10 km in height and 18 km long moving huge box started moving towards the Sonpharico.

“We can go through this vast box; there is no shield outside this giant box,” he suggested again.

Mickpak: It could be good or bad if you think about going inside this huge box. However, I am not going inside this massive box because who knows what is this?

Soul: I think he is right; at least we should go inside this huge box to check what is going on inside the giant box.

He thought for some time, and then he replied.

Mickpak: It could be possible that nothing will be there in this vast box or something hazardous will be waiting for us in this huge box. It would be best if you think about it again; it will be risky for us because going without any superpower inside a huge unknown box can take our lives also.

Soul: You must take the risk if you want to go, Sonpharico.

Mickpak: Hmm, let us go.

The next moment they were inside the giant box, they started flying in the huge box for a complete check. No one was there except small cubes. Millions of cubes were there, and all cubes looked different in color, mounted on flowing liquid racks. The vast box was utterly red, and its ground was shining with pink color rays. It was the only light that was lighting the complete colossal box area.

“What are they?” He asked curiously.

Mickpak: I have never seen a massive box like this for taking millions of cubes to Sonpharico.

Soul: Who knows what is going on there in your Sonpharico?

Mickpak: Hmm.

Soul: This box is going towards Sonpharico; if everything goes right, we will soon be inside the burning shield.

“If this box starts melting, then what will we do?” He said worriedly.

Soul: Then we will go outside this box.

Mickpak disappeared from the box, and Govind got scared.

“Mickpak, where are you?” He screamed in his mind.

He was again in the box within a moment, and Govind started shouting at him.

“Where you were gone without telling me,” He asked furiously. “Do you have any idea that my breathing was near to stop?”

Mickpak: Oh, sorry! I went outside the box to check how much distance remained from Sonpharico. The good news is that soon, it would enter the burning shield.

“If the burning shield burns this box, then this good news will turn into bad news,” he said while making different faces.

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