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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 5: The Mysterious Lock

Updated: Jun 2

It was a hot sunny day, and soon, they were out of the house. Govind had sunglasses on his eyes; thus, the sunlight color was white for others, but it was a beautiful red for him. He did not have a vehicle to travel because his bike was stolen outside his office last month, so both started walking towards the main road. After a few footsteps, they reached the main road. The farmhouse was 25 km away from his current location.

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After some time, both of them were standing under a bus stand shelter, but no bus arrived there. However, Govind was still looking for a bus. Although a few more people were also standing with them: after half an hour, a bus arrived and stopped near the bus stand. The bus was not fully seated by people, and two seats near a window were blank, but Govind and others ran to enter the bus. Luckily, he grabbed both seats, and the bus started moving forward again.

After some time, the bus conductor started making tickets.

Conductor: Where?

“One ticket to Jagdev farmhouse,” he replied.

Conductor: I do not know about Jagdev farmhouse.

“After the bridge,” he said.

Conductor: Forty bucks.

Govind gave forty bucks to the conductor, and the conductor gave him a printed ticket. Mickpak was sitting near him, and Govind looked outside the window at shops and traffic.

“I do not like our farmhouse,” he said.

Mickpak: Yes, I know.

“Then also, we are going to the farmhouse,” he asked surprisingly.

Mickpak: Your father and mother’s death was an accident in the farmhouse.

“No, it was not an accident and our grandfather Mr. Jagdev also died there,” he said gravely.

Mickpak: How can you say it so, indeed?

“I do not know,” he said. “Nevertheless, why all die at the same place, the farmhouse?”

Mickpak: Police investigated your parents’ death, but they did not find anything wrong with their natural death.

“Hmm, I do not believe in their report and investigation,” he replied. “I wanted to be there, but unfortunately: I was in my boarding school.”

Govind’s parents, Mr. Anil and Mrs. Babita, died at their farmhouse in the year 2004 on 27 August. The Police reported the death cause was unknown, but the possibility of a heart attack. Govind did not accept his parent’s death reason was a heart attack. He tried to find the reason, but he failed to find the reason. After 2008, he never visited his farmhouse and tried to sell the farmhouse several times, but no one was getting ready to buy the farmhouse. Now, after ten years, he was going to his farmhouse again.

The bus stopped after a few shakes.

Passengers: What happened?

Driver (Mumbling): Tire puncher.

All passengers became worried about the situation and started talking to each other. However, Govind looked at Mickpak.

“What should we do?” he asked in confusion. “The Driver and conductor went out of the bus.”

Mickpak: We should leave the bus because we have already crossed more than 24 km.

“Hmm, let us go,” he replied with a grin.

The sunlight was dimmer than any day in the sky; nevertheless, some clouds were still trying to cover up the atmosphere and sun. Govind picked up the bag, and both came out of the bus. The driver and conductor were at the bus backside. They started walking towards Jagdev farmhouse. After a few steps, Govind turned and sighted the bus to confirm it was still over there and they had taken the right decision to move on.

Soon they were near a 100-meter bridge over a muddy river. Mickpak puts the first step on the bridge because he walks much faster than Govind.

“Hey, stroll,” he screamed angrily.

Immediately Mickpak stopped and turned back to reply.

Mickpak: OK.

Mickpak word went lost in a truck engine sound. Afterward few more trucks passed on the road from the Mickpak side, which made Govind annoyed because their speed was flying dust in the atmosphere. Then he saw Mickpak, who was stopped for him and put the first step on the bridge. Immediately, a car blew the horn from Govind’s backside because he was walking a little between on the road. However, Govind rapidly improved his mistake and went precisely to one side of the road then one silver color car passed Govind.

“Why are you walking so fast today?” he said as he reached near Mickpak.

Mickpak: I want to see the sky from your mother’s telescope. Do you remember your mother’s telescope?

“Yes, I remember the telescope, which she used to look in the sky every day for hours,” he replied sadly. “Still, I do not know today what she wanted to find in the sky.”

Mickpak: Only your mom can tell this, but she is no more between us.

“Hmm, if you want to see in the sky by a telescope, why did you not visit the farmhouse until today?” he asked surprisingly.

Mickpak: I cannot travel more than half a kilometer without my body means your body.

“Do you remember anything my mother was looking for?” He asked sharply.

Mickpak: How can I tell you this thing? Because I was always with you in your childhood. When you were in the farmhouse, I tried my best to discover the sky from the telescope, but every day, clouds and rain did not allow me to see the sky. Thus, I never got to see the sky through a telescope.

“Today also, you will not get any chance to see in the sky because it is getting cloudy again,” he said.

Mickpak: We will wait for the clear sky, and this time we will see everything in the sky.

“I hope your wish becomes true,” he replied.

They were outside a vast jungle, and they were near Jagdev farmhouse too. A mud path straight to his farmhouse from the main highway road and a giant Jagdev farmhouse board. Govind remembered these two things, and soon both stopped on the first mud path, which was going into the jungle. However, there was no farmhouse name board as Govind was expecting.

“No name board is here; perhaps our path is ahead,” he said with doubt.

Mickpak: Yes, we have to walk more footsteps.

The bus crossed them at a very high speed, and both started looking at each other like a fool.

“We wasted our energy to reach here,” he said wrathfully.

Mickpak: Now you can say, but earlier, it was the right decision in your opinion.

Animals’ and birds’ voices came from the jungle, but the farmhouse was still unreachable. Meanwhile, Govind pulled out his smartphone and unlocked the phone; no network was coming on the phone. Govind nodded his head in some frustration, and both started moving forward.

“My phone network always disappears outside the city,” he roared.

Mickpak: Yesterday, in the news, your service provider claimed that their network availability would soon be good in the jungle and mountains.

“You can hope, but they have been saying it for many years, and still, nothing has improved,” he replied angrily.

Mickpak: I know, and we cannot do anything against their services. It is our compulsion to use their services.

“Hmm, can you hold this bag for some time?” He asked. “I am feeling tired.”

Mickpak: Yes, I can hold your bag.

Govind took a deep breath, and he started feeling much better. A car arrived, and a little kid shouted mummy look at that bag in the air. Govind got freighted by his voice and took the bag from Mickpak.

“Oh, shit! How do I forget that you are invisible to others?” He said with frustration.

Mickpak: It happens when people are tired from stress.

“You also did not tell me,” he asked in some anger.

Mickpak: Sorry, I also forget about this.

“It is OK, but if I am going to do something like this, please warn me; otherwise, you do not know what will happen,” he said. “People will start asking me how it is happening.”

Mickpak: Yeah, promise, I will warn you next time.

“Why can you not be visible to everyone?” He asked.

Mickpak: I cannot allow everyone because this will create many problems. That is why it is better to be invisible to others.

“As you wish,” he replied while yawning. “I will not comment on this thing.”

The shade of tree leaves was falling on the road, and little birds were flying in the sky. Both kept walking without noticing these natural things, and soon they reached the second mud path. Govind stopped and moved one step ahead, but suddenly he rolled back his feet.

“No, it is also not our path; I think we must take some vehicles to travel in,” he suggested.

Mickpak: Let one more mud path come; if it is also not our path, we will take a vehicle to travel.

“Hmm, my legs are paining now,” he said painfully.

Mickpak: Do not overreact.

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