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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 4: The Timeless Jail

Updated: Jul 25

One opened window was in the room on the east side, and the sky was clear from the clouds. The sunlight started coming to their room as the sun rose. It was morning, but both were still sleeping and lying on the ground. In a few minutes, the sunlight was on their upper side body. The sunlight’s color started changing, first completely black, then blue, and its final color was a beautiful red.

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He opened his eyes and saw red sunlight in his room. He was afraid and shocked also. He raised from the ground and went close to the window where sunlight was coming into the room. He looked at the sun, which looked like an open place, and the red light was coming out. It was a magical moment for his eyes. He had never seen anything like this in his life. Meanwhile, Mickpak opened his eyes quietly and went near the window. Govind did not hear any whisper of Mickpak, but he was just behind him.

Mickpak: As you live on your planet, we live on the planet sun.

“It is a burning ball of fire,” he asked with curiosity. “How could you or anyone live there?”

Mickpak (Proudly): It is a protecting shield of Sonpharico. The burning armor gives light to your planet: We have been living there for billions of years. No one can break it or enter inside the scorching shield. Your scientists think it is just a burning star, but they do not know Sonpharico is the mother of your planet and universe.

“OK - OK! However, I never saw the sun like this,” he asked. “What does it mean?”

Mickpak: I am allowing your soul’s eyes to see the sun in its natural situation; only you can see Sonpharico like this.

“What! It means that we were only looking sun’s fire shield, and the shield was making fools of all humans, including scientists,” he said while wondering. “Now tell me, how could it be the mother of our planet?”

Mickpak: Our Sonpharico is not just a planet. It can produce a new planet world and can establish a new universe also. That is why it is the mother of all planets and the universe. Around thousands of billion years ago, there was no universe in space. The Mother of Sonpharico was only there; one day, her daughter demanded to produce another living world which the Mother of Sonpharico had listened carefully, and no one had asked for such a thing from her earlier. Therefore, she happily gave her the extraordinary power to create a different world in space.

Her daughter’s name was “Yichter;” Yichter started creating different size planets around Sonpharico. She began and destroyed some planets because they were huge, and so many explosions in space caused substantial environmental destruction. It made the Mother of Sonpharico angry with Yichter; thus, she regained her power. However, by coincidence, she was pregnant earlier: She had given birth to a baby a few days ago. Which had all recreating power of her mother, and the child slowly grew up, but her mother, Yichter, was unknown about her child’s recreating ability. However, she told him all the stories gradually about how she created a different world in space.

When he was a teenager and learned to fly in the sky, he went into space one day to see her mother’s world. He only saw what his mother had created in the space area on the first day. It became a routine for him the second day and day by day. He kept going into space and visited all the planets in space. When he touched different planets’ worlds, it started the process of life on every planet.

However, for many years, he was unknown about the changes on every planet. Nevertheless, soon, he discovered something was changing on these planets, and the life process showed the results.

Sonpharico’s army knew him as Yichter’s son and grandson of Sonpharico’s mother. Therefore, they never stopped him from going into space, but the army’s commander told the news of him that he was going into the space area every day. The Mother of Sonpharico did not try to stop him, and after some months, one day.

Nobody knows how he learned and started the process of creating new planets and galaxies. Over millions of planets and beautiful galaxies, he made in space. He visited all the planet places and began the life process on every single planet, and this creation soon became visible to the mother of Sonpharico. She ordered arresting her daughter’s complete family, including “Yichter and his husband, Jodif.” Their little “son Jetghadi” and “two daughters, Milofsa and Dejolie,” were also arrested, but their elder son, who had the superpower, did not return. In anger, the mother of Sonpharico then created a burning shield around Sonpharico and declared, “Ikloung an absconder;” now, no one could enter Sonpharico without permission. Afterward, an army of Sonpharico visited millions of planets to search for Ikloung, but they could not find him, and now no one knows where he is.

Your Earth was not created at that time because Yichter son Ikloung created your Earth after some time. Billions of years passed, but Ikloung’s family is still in the timeless jail after Trillions of years, where no one died. The Mother of Sonpharico is still alive but does not rule Sonpharico anymore; her elder “son Pifreku” became the King of Sonpharico and afterward “King Lekhole.”

“Why did they not arrive here until now?” He asked surprisingly.

Mickpak: It is possible that when I was fighting for freedom’ against King Lekhole, other Kings were also fighting against Lekhole. It may be possible that someone had won the battle after my death, and they made me one of the victorious commanders of their struggle. Perhaps they removed my identifiable odor from their army records, and now they cannot find you and me. It could be the reason, but I am not sure about it.

“What does a victorious commander mean, and who is King Lekhole?” He asked hesitatingly.

Mickpak (Yawn): Hmm! You ask many questions; a victorious commander means someone who died for freedom in the war, and Lekhole is the son of the greatest King Pifreku.

“If so, much happened until now, then how will you go to your planet Sonpharico?” He said with a grin.

A sad wave came on Mickpak face, but immediately he tried his best to hide his sadness from Govind.

Mickpak: I had not thought about it, but I like your planet too. I can live my complete life here happily.

“Well, now I like you too,” he said devotionally. “When we first met, I did not like you much, but now I enjoy your company because my life was so dull before it that I could not explain it. Thanks for coming into my life as my best friend who would be with me forever.”

Mickpak (Grin): Nice speech; I am impressed.

“Can I travel to your planet, please?” He asked curiously. “I am very eager to learn about Sonpharico and what is inside it and what happens in daily life; who lives in Sonpharico.”

Mickpak (Sadly): Unfortunately, it is impossible because an extraordinary invisible power is needed to travel in Sonpharico. Which is found only in the Sonpharico environment, and King Lekhole’s father created this hidden power. He was a kind person and the greatest King of Sonpharico. I worked with them for more than 400 years. “King Pifreku and his Queen Lifisoi” died naturally after 145 billion years. After King’s death, his elder son Lekhole became the King of Sonpharico, and all things changed in Sonpharico. On Sonpharico average age is 100 billion years, but royal families can live more than billions of years.

“It is astonishing to me, and if every person lived for 100 billion years on Earth, then our population would be out of control,” he said aggressively.

Mickpak: Funny, very funny, and you always ask silly questions because, on Sonpharico, Mothers cannot give birth to more than five children. If any couple tries to give birth to a sixth child, they will die automatically, and only five children can be born by a mother in her 100 billion years of life.

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