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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 2: The Memories Of 1990

Updated: Jun 2

He pulled out the smartphone to see the time; his spied eyes showed him 8:27 on the smartphone clock.

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“One last question, Mr. Soul, I want to ask before this unexpected journey,” he said. “Because of today’s modern stressed lifestyle, usually, all people do yoga every day; however, the time never stopped with their closed eyes or any yoga.”

“I know this because one friend advised me to do yoga when I was under stress,” he said with different expressions. “Unfortunately, it did not help me like others, and closing my eyes was a terrifying job for me. I cannot even sleep with my closed eyes.”

“Why are you telling me about yourself?” Mr. Soul replied. “I know about you better than you.”

“In yoga, your mind tries to find your soul, but it is not as easy a process as everyone thinks in your world,” Mr. Soul replied in a magical voice. “In your history, very few people have found their souls, and when they saw them, they became great leaders of your world.”

“Now, follow what I am saying or wait for the upcoming death,” Mr. Soul said.

He again saw his smartphone’s watch, and now the time was 8:29. He closed his eyes with his half-opinion, and after some time, he opened his eyes with frustration while watching the time, which was still running.

“How is the time running?” He screamed at Mr. Soul.

“I had seen nothing, no past journey, everything is happening as usual, and the time is still running,” he said with some anger.

“You have forgotten to do your first step, and If you do not listen carefully, these things will happen,” Mr. Soul said with love. “I do not have any control over it.”

He realized his mistake and did not see his smartphone watch this time. Rather than that, a person near him asked for the time.

“What is the time?” The second person replied complete 8:30 with a smile.

First, he moved his eyeballs in the upper direction and then closed his eyes, and immediately, all sounds stopped coming to his ears. He got fearful of this situation, and his mind opened his eyes to see whether he was alive or not. He started listening again to all sounds, and everything was normal. He immediately repeated the process and closed his eyes in curiosity.

Now he was looking at an uncivilized city with no proper roads, few street lights, few big houses, and not a single mall. He stopped his eyes at a newspaper lying on a table in a shop, the date – month – the year was 24 June 1990. He was relaxed, and it was tough to believe that he was really in his past. Meanwhile, he heard some people’s voices: shouting and searching for someone. He ran behind them and tried to find who they were and for whom they were searching. They were not looking like his world soldiers, but the people around them were not worried about them. To confirm whether, in the past, people could see him or not. He tried to touch a muddy boy playing with his friends, but his hand passed through his body without connection for any feeling or conversation.

“Do not waste your time; they cannot hear you because you are from the present world, and they are from the past world; at present, their souls are dead, so you cannot talk to departed souls, and they cannot even see you,” Mr. Soul said with a grin.

He was feeling marvelous, and again he started following those soldiers. He noticed that when they were roaming in the past, no one could see and listen to them. One soldier repeatedly shouted a name; he tried to listen to that unknown language carefully. “MACKPACK, yes, MACKPACK,” name they were saying. He heard that word many times then his mind confirmed this name.

They did not have any weapons, but they looked powerful with their body language. All soldiers were in superior dresses, which he had never seen before. After some time, the streets seemed quite familiar to his memory. He started finding his home. A shop was on the corner of the road where he always went to buy toffees, biscuits, and buns in childhood. He stopped there for a while and started thinking about his memory.

“Yes!” He said as he recognized the way to his home.

He ran from the shop towards the house. “Once left hand, once right hand, and then 100 steps straight.” It was the line that he always used to come home from the shop. Outside his home, childhood memories started flashing in his mind, but there was no time for all these things. Above his head, there was a street light that was not glowing correctly, but some clouds in the sky were trying to gather, but it was not possible before midnight.

Suddenly, a significantly brighter sparkling light came from the home. He ran into the house, where a soldier’s body was burning with sparkling colorful lights. A soul was standing near the body and looking with tears. After this, the soul reduced its size and disappeared into his mother’s womb. However, his mother was shaking a hand fan for his father, and she did not feel anything, and everything kept happening as usual.

He ran from there at his full speed while blinking his eyes. He crossed the street and tried to fly for the first time from the ground. For some time, he had forgotten that he came from the future by flying from the sky. Now from the sky, he started looking for an army of souls. He discovered them after some time, and they were not hurting anybody because they walked calmly.

Moreover, he flew much higher in the sky, right above their heads, to listen to them, but they were not talking. He started counting them, and they were sixteen soldiers. He confirmed their counting by mind, and suddenly, they disappeared while walking. Immediately, he went towards the ground, but there was no hint about them.

He was shocked about where they had gone. Everything was normal over there, but where had they gone? He was thinking about all of these things. Then only a thundering sound came from the sky. It was not the exact sound that clouds create while thundering. To see, he flew higher in the sky. Now, he was above all the clouds, but there was no sign or connection of that thundering sound. He was a little dispirited, but now he was looking around him. He never thought in his life that one day he would be able to see this beautiful view. He wanted to fly higher in the sky, but Mr. Soul stopped him.

“Please do not waste your time; I think they have seen you,” Mr. Soul said severely. “Now they know you have traveled in your past and watched all their activities.”

“How is this possible?” He asked surprisingly. “They did not see me; if they had seen me there, why did they not try to kill me right now? You said time would stop in the traveling, so how can I waste time?”

“I cannot say it with complete conviction, but it could be possible they had seen you there but could not do anything for some reason,” Mr. Soul replied. “That is why no one tried to kill you, and the time stopped for you, not others.”

He opened his eyes hurriedly and first saw the time on his smartphone. It was 8:30 pm. Then he took a deep breath, and everything was normal around him, nothing strange.

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