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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 12: Earth

Updated: Jul 24

The first time an Obervisekal arrived inside the Earth, the atmosphere was colder for Obervisekal. Mickpak was noticing every detail through his scientific eyes mode. All information was coming in front of Mickpak’s eyes on a yellow color smoke-based screen. All of them were watching and reading the statics on smoke-based screens.

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Obervisekal temperature: 740 ˚C.

Planet Earth’s temperature: 50 ˚C.

Active human souls on Earth: 7.7 billion.

Every minute newborn soul: 276.

Every minute dying souls: 111.

Planet age: 4.543 billion years.

Planet expected death: after 8907 Years.

Reason for death: 19 different big religious wars.

Ebqui (Sad): If Govind was here, he asks why his planet would end.

Mickpak turned his neck and stared at Ebqui. She got jitter and moved her neck down.

Mickpak: Dear Obervisekal, visit a past journey of my life which I spend on Earth and then show me everything in front of my eyes so I can tell you where we should go on this vast maze planet.

Obervisekal immediately visited a past journey of Mickpak’s life, how he visited the past on Earth that no one knew, and soon Obervisekal collected all the information of his past life wonderfully.

Obervisekal: Displaying all your past places in front of you on a blue smoke-based screen.

Mickpak saw all his past places in front of his eyes. He had visited seventy total places on Earth. He scrolled each place image one by one, but at last, he selected to go Govind’s home. The Obervisekal started finding a place on Earth; after a long random search on Earth, Obervisekal found a place and soon Obervisekal reached there.

Mickpak (Angry): This is not Govind’s house.

This place was very different from Govind’s house, middle of one crowded street, where some kids were playing hide & seek. Ebqui, Bufliana, and Finsolina were watching the human’s street with amazing eyes. Tiny houses everywhere filled with dust, broken roads, dirty roads, massive pollution, and everything was so unregulated that they were highly shocked that how such a living place could exist outside Sonpharico. They can see how people were taking different harmful gases to live their life. The Obervisekal searched in all places again, and at last, it could not find the Govind’s house.

Obervisekal: That place location is not found in your database.

He was in a very troubling situation about what to do now. Moreover, in the end, he decided to search in Delhi, India. He knew it was no easy task but believed in his memory. Mickpak chose another place to go, which was very close to Govind’s house. A shop where Govind usually goes to buy different things.

Mickpak: Take us to this shop location.

He pointed his finger at an image of that shop.

Obervisekal: Processing till destination.

Ebqui: Did all peoples are here like Govind?

Mickpak (After a deep breath): No, not all peoples, only a few are like Govind.

Yes, this was the same place from where we had bought the perfumes in the past, Mickpak’s thought said to him. He was continuously watching outside the Obervisekal. It was evening time on Earth, and there was much rush on the roads. The Obervisekal was 90 ft. above the ground, and humans could not see Obervisekal.

Mickpak (Confidently): Yes, this is the same place where we had to buy the perfumes in the past; his house was 300 meters far away from this shop. Now Obervisekal moved till that T point, then turned on the right-hand side.

T point was almost 130 meters far away from them. The Obervisekal moved very fast, and within the next moment, Obervisekal was precisely on the top of the T point.

Mickpak: Now right-hand side.

Obervisekal: How much will you tell me?

Mickpak: Here.

He pointed to a board where Yadav bakery was written.

Immediately Obervisekal reached there; like every day, Yadav bakery was full of customers. Where Govind went weekly, his memory was telling him. He felt a little relaxed because they were near to Govind’s home. He calculated some things.

Mickpak (Happily): Our destination is precisely after 24 houses… 25th house.

The Obervisekal first scanned the location and moved precisely in front of Govind’s house.

Mickpak saw the house.

“Hmm,” only this sound came out of his throat. He looked pleased after finding his house; it was an excellent achievement. Moreover, finally, he moved his eyes from the Obervisekal wall.

Mickpak: Dear Obervisekal, take us precisely to the top of this house and leave us on the terrace of this house.

He pointed towards his daughters and Finsolina to go on the door of Obervisekal. They quietly obeyed his order and moved to the Obervisekal door. No stairs were on the door but a tunnel to go outside the Obervisekal.

Bufliana (Excitedly): Can I jump onto this terrace?

Mickpak (Screamed from inside): No, Bufliana, no.

Bufliana (Laughed silently): OK, father.

Mickpak came out from the inside in anger and frustration; he wanted to say something but tried to control it.

Mickpak (Calmly): Open the door, Obervisekal.

The door was preparing to open. Meanwhile, Mickpak says.

Mickpak: My dear daughters, you will breathe on a human planet. Here are some unique natural qualities you will not find in our environment. However, they are available in the Earth’s environment. Lying, jealousy, deception, longing, thieving, and highly war-encouraging particles are available in Earth’s atmosphere. You will breathe in this environment but never forget what you had learned in your Sonpharico’s prideful environment.

All listened to his words very carefully and nodded their heads. Doors were open, and Mickpak pointed towards Bufliana to land on the terrace. She happily turned her shoes into skate mode and dived into the Obervisekal tunnel, after her Ebqui, then Finsolina. At last, Mickpak said something to Obervisekal autopilot, and he surfed on the tunnel liquid wall and came out from the Obervisekal tunnel.

Ebqui: This ground is so hard.

She immediately complained as they stepped on the terrace.

Mickpak: Increase your sandal outer cover hardness.

He said annoyedly.

All of them increased the hardness of their sandal; now they were feeling relaxed, and breathing on the Earth was a different experience for them, and they liked it. Their hairs were mostly flying in the strong gusts of wind. They were trying hard to control but after heavy rain wind always gusts like this. Mickpak was going down the floor through stairs, and they were following him, and Obervisekal calmly stopped in the air.

Mickpak (Low voice): Follow me without making noise and do not worry about human eyes. They are not able to see us.

They nodded from right to left and smiled because it was a fascinating trip. The Sun was setting, and stars started glittering in the sky. The Moon was not there in the sky, but it would arrive in the sky after some time, as every night happened on Earth. All of them were standing in front of Govind’s home. That big shabby dog was still barking because someone had arrived in the house.

Bufliana (Whisper): What was that creature?

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