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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 10: The Disappeared Govind

It was the last floor of the palace, a very special room in every palace, used to see over the complete Sonpharico. The room in these palaces was 100 x 138 ft. in the size and covered with transparent walls made of solid-liquid smoke. These rooms were made in different directions at different angles, so every viewer of the palace could see every palace in Sonpharico.

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Mickpak was standing near the window with Kiamilohi in the room around 1500 ft. above. He was looking over the Sonpharico where he could see different palaces everywhere.

Mickpak (Affectionately): The afternoon darkness is my favorite time, I hope you also remembered, when we met first time in afternoon darkness.

Kiamilohi (Grin): Yes, of course, I remembered. You were very handsome those days.

Mickpak: I am still a handsome person.

Kiamilohi looked at him and nodded his head in acceptance.

Mickpak (Worriedly): Now it is a long time and I have to solve those unknown issues also. Which is running in my mind? I have to meet Govind, to know what he is feeling here.

Kiamilohi (Sweetly): Hmm it is a long time, I am also coming with you.

He nodded his head and both came out from the Loneheiw room. It was the only room on the last floor of the palace. Soon they were on the ninth floor near Uikloerty room, where Govind and their children were gone in the past. They entered inside the Uikloerty room but no one was there. They were very surprised about where all went without telling them. Then only Kiamilohi eyes sighted at Govind’s dress, which was lying on a floating bed.

Kiamilohi: If I am right then it is our Govind’s Fino.

He saw Fino in shock and puts his hand on his head.

Mickpak (Angrily): Oh – no! What they have done, they took him outside the palace which can took his life also.

Soon they checked the complete room but both failed to find any clue where they have gone.

Mickpak came out of the room with some fear, he saw the soldier, who was standing outside the room.

Mickpak: Do you know where they have gone?

Protecting soldiers: We are not here to answer your questions?

Meanwhile, Kiamilohi also came out of the room.

Mickpak: Your soldier are not telling me, where they have gone, now you should ask him.

Kiamilohi: OK soldier Ifcanesan, tell me where my children and our guest have gone in full detail.

Soldier Ifcanesan bends his head as he saw her queen.

Ifcanesan: When they came here, Princess Ebqui became indisposed from our guest and she went inside the room. Afterward, Princess Bufliana controlled the situation and took him inside the room. After a few hours they went to where I do not know.

Kiamilohi: Now good and he is your King so behave nicely.

Ifcanesan: Sorry my lord, please forgive me.

Mickpak (Worriedly): Let it be Kiamilohi and he pats Ifcanesan back. Now we have to find where they have gone.

At that time, they heard some footsteps which were approaching them. Ifcanesan moved into his alert position. Those unknown footsteps crossed the undulating bend in the palace and they saw Ebqui, Bufliana and Ghatang. They came toward their parents fearfully and stopped in front of them with their bent heads.

Kiamilohi (Angrily): Where did you go without telling us and most important where is Govind?

They remained in the same position, without no movement. Tell me right now, she repeated two times but they did not reply to her. Mickpak raised his hand toward Kiamilohi and pointed to stop shouting. He moved toward her daughter Ebqui and held her by the shoulders but she started trembling with fear.

Mickpak: I am your father, no need to fear. I know something happened with him, now please tell me what happened?

She did not reply but her eyes were dropping black sparkled tears and they were burning in the palace atmosphere.

Mickpak (Sweetly): Now stop crying dear, please tell me what happened?

He raised her tilted head with his hand. She closed her eyes and her black tears started burning on her face.

Kiamilohi (Little angry): What are you doing Ebqui? Tell us, what we are asking from you?

Ebqui opened her eyes and saw her father, who was looking at her with more worrying eyes than her mother. Her tears were still burning on her face but they were not harming her face. She took a deep breath, cleared her throat and started telling everything.

Ebqui: When we were returning we started finding middle far palace but we did not find the middle far palace. Afterward, we were standing near a taillight and we had some argument over there. Then we started walking toward the palace. Govind and Bufliana decided to come again in search of the palace but afterward when I thought to talk to him, he was not there. We searched him everywhere but there was no sign of him.

Mickpak left her shoulder, he was in a deep shock but trying to control his feelings, which were running out of control.

Mickpak: Do not worry, I will find him, he would be soon with us. Now you must go into your room to take a bed rest with your brother and sister.

He tried to give Ebqui a fake comfort and moved with Kiamilohi towards the first floor of the palace. He entered his Quiolgrret room. Meanwhile, Ebqui, Bufliana and Ghatang also moved inside their room.

He lay down on a floating bed.

Kiamilohi: Now you cannot lay down on the bed like this.

Mickpak (Painfully): I cannot explain dear, what I am feeling right now?

Kiamilohi: I can understand it but this is the time to search for him.

She tried to give him some courage.

Mickpak: Hmm I am thinking about it, that what to do.

She nodded in acceptance and sat near Mickpak on the same floating bed. She took his hand in her hand.

Mickpak: I never expected nor thought that he will go outside the palace with our children.

Bufliana said the same related talk to Ebqui.

Bufliana (With anxiety): It is completely your mistake, there was no need to take him with us.

Ebqui (Furiously): Now do not try to tell me, what is wrong and what is right.

Bufliana (Politely): You have wonderful attitude my sister, your anger cannot bring him back. A mistake is a mistake, I only know this thing.

Ebqui stared at her with anger and went on the same floating bed where she sat with Govind in the past. She touched the bed with love and tried to remember the moment she had with him.

Bufliana (Angrily): Now instead of trying to do something, you are wasting your time remembering the last moment. Wake up sister and plan something, so we can find him.

However, she did not reply and remained lost in her feelings. Bufliana looked at Ghatang, who was sitting on his favorite shaking chair. She was planning to find him and went into her room, which was inside the Uikloerty room.

Quiolgrret room was completely silent because Mickpak and Kiamilohi were sleeping into a deep sleep. However, they decided to find Govind when the next morning will start because it was dangerous to find him at light-dark night time but Bufliana decided to go outside the palace.

She took armor and some muskets, a musket whose body was made from liquid compressing technology. It was more solid than any metal and diamond stone. She was taking her last musket and hiding them in her Fino, then only Ghatang arrived in her room. He saw Bufliana in front of her favorite secret cupboard. The cupboard doors were open but its door was on the top of the cupboard, so no one can see what is inside the cupboard. After seeing little Ghatang, she tried to hide her musket from him.

Ghatang: Where are you going sister?

It was not easy for her to answer but she replied.

Bufliana (Wisely): Nowhere brother just checking my some old things, now go and sleep for a while.

Ghatang: Hmm.

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