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Govind and the enigma of Sonpharico: Chapter 1: The Mysterious Pillar

Updated: Jul 24

It was a cold night when he had been ambling, like an alone shadow, in the rain for many hours. However, he increased his footstep speed over time, faster than anyone else. He was worried about various things that no one could control in their life. He was concerned about what to do in his life. There was no option for him because he left the job and was not present at today’s time while working. Life was sucking him every day because of many things that generally do not happen in everyone’s life. In his early life, his parents died when he was only 14. However, he was 25, a completely mature person, but he was not present in his work or life. It was a confusing part of his life where he had to learn many new things.

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There was not enough traffic or people on the road because of the heavy rain. A metro station bridge was still far away, but it seemed very close to his eyes. He started walking even faster; every single step crossed the shadow of street lights, which were trembling because of the heavy rain. The rain and the clouds were talking every moment in horrible voices. Which delivered more blood flow to his heart, and he breathed heavily because of the wet mask. He was trying his best to reach as soon as possible in the shelter, but it was not relatively easy to walk on water-filled roads.

When a few minutes passed, he was standing in the shelter of a metro station. He looked relaxed from the heavy downpour and could listen more clearly to the clouds and the rain. He moved his hands into the tight wet pocket to pull the sticking napkin. It was looking, wet-though quite helpful to absorb some rainwater from hairs. He squeezed the napkin after drying his hair to clean his face. Every place looked crowded, with people worried about the heavy downpour. However, he was not concerned about the rain or any other thing like people had. There was some rush around him, but still, he was feeling anxious, and finding a better place for thinking or relaxation, he started walking to the metro station corridor. The floor was wet and dirty from people’s shoes and sandals. However, all employees were still working to clean the floor, but people’s rush was better than cleaning services. He thought that when in the rain, people’s shoes, sandals, and dresses would become dry before entering the metro station. It was not his concern. Thus, he did not think much about and other things were still running like a magnetic train in his mind.

The long waiting lines of people were still there for several types of security checks, but he knew a secret way to bypass all these things. He entered the metro station after showing the short door machine an entry card, which was always exciting from the first day for people. He said some words to the door machine that no one heard: “I am sorry to write here.”

He looked cold, tired, and thirsty, and the shoulder bag was still dropping water drops on his back, creating a big wet patch on the backside. He was finding a place from his restless eyes though he could not find any place to sit. Thus, he sat on a steel railing pipe where other people were also sitting. A steel bench close to his eyes was going to empty because of a chilling family. When the family left, he sat there with other people. The shoulder bag was on the ground, but after some time, he kept the bag next to him. He felt relaxed though not much as he expected before entering the metro station. He pulled a less water-filled bottle to drink insufficient water. He smiled when one family shared how a rat had bitten their shoes on a water-filled road. It was a horrible night for everyone.

There was a normal-looking pillar in front of him, but it did not seem like a standard pillar. He stared at it for some time; the Pillar had a face, nose, eyes, and ears. How and when he hypnotized towards the Pillar, no one knew this thing. Moreover, he heard a voice that came into his ears with many questions. “How are you, and why are you so worried?”

“Hmm, I am not OK, and how can you judge a person’s worry?” He roared.

Everyone was staring at him as if he had said something wrong or he was not a human to them. They were looking at him in fury; they might not like his opinion because everyone was apprehensive about the heavy downpour, which was getting worse every second and minute. He gained consciousness when he looked around. He noticed Pillar was smiling, and people stopped staring at him when he also stared back. He started gnashing his teeth in fury while looking at a person who was talking in rubbish language on the phone. He wanted to ask why he was doing such things in public, but he had to deal with the Pillar first, which started sending voice questions again.

“Do you know you will be in only trouble after some time?” Pillar asked. “I know you have many questions running through your mind though I will not tell you every answer.”

He was more in a complicated situation where he looked like a dead-alive person. He said something to him, on which Pillar looked at him with a grin.

“Please do not say this and never try to say anyone in the universe,” Pillar said. “You are unique, and you can talk to me like this, and whenever you speak to yourself, I will hear it from you always.”

“I am with you from birth and here only for you,” Pillar said after a break. “You are not alone in this world as others, and I am your alive soul.”

This thing shocked him from legs to head like a stormy wave in the ocean. When all the worries had gone towards the Pillar, he did not remember.

“You can see and hear me though others are incapable of hearing and seeing until I allow them,” Pillar said after a yawn. “Now listen carefully; what happens in people’s life is normal, but it was not with you. Everything had a reason which was happening since childhood.”


He was looking at the Pillar with great eyes. He could not think and understand how he should reply and what! Well, he dares to ask some questions.

“What they want or what I have done, and what are you doing here? Who is coming, and why are they coming?” he asked many questions in one breath.

Meanwhile, one child fell on his shoes while clashing, filling him with fear. However, he helped the child to stand for his next clash.

“You have done nothing in the present and past; you did not harm anyone,” Pillar replied.

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