The Colour Of Another Life About


Searching in space isn't easy, but the author has done a great and adventure search in the space world without any visit in his fiction mind. Try to search yourself also that what you find while reading the poetry of the universe.


There are many ways in the present world though there is no way in the space as our present world. A vast blank space where you can go anywhere still author figure out many possible ways in the new worlds. Try to connect yourself in those ways as you go far far away in the space.


Your time is going tough space-time is still stable in the space world through our eyes, and many worlds don't have any moving time calculations. However, the author tried to describe everything in poetry, and many other aspects will continue in his further work. And in the end, try to find your best time in the poetry.

Rahul Roaring RC

The most rumoured and mysterious name in the world.

Rahul Roaring RC is doing several things together, which few people like to do on Earth. He is writing since childhood and doing other activities too. You can also read his quotes on his various social media accounts, where he writes about different things which came just as a thought.

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